Clocks change!!!!


Don’t forget the clocks go back an hour on Sunday !!! 🙂

Bad weather? No problem!

Please note that if the weather is bad tomorrow (the forecast isn’t great ….) then we will be able to use the sports hall 🙂

Charity Shoot

Why not check out our new Charity Shoot page, with all the details on our shoot for 2015 for Midlands Air Ambulance!

EGM minutes (28th April 2015)


The minutes for the EGM held on the 28th April 2015 are now available – please click here

New Summer competition, ROM schedule (new vote!) and Fancy Dress!

The outdoor season is now upon us!

Outdoor archery small

What’s going on this season?

As part of the activities this year, we have entered the club into the Summer Postal competition for the first time. This competition is run in a very similar manner to the Winter Postal (no shock there!) and means that we submit our ROM scores on a monthly basis along with the other clubs entered.

Does this mean I have to do more competition shooting?

Not if you don’t want to, no.  The ROMs are optional – you definitely don’t have to do them. We want you to enjoy your time at Chase Archers and if competitions aren’t your thing then that’s fine!
The only difference on ROM days is that the shoot will obviously be more structured than a general shoot day. Also, if you want to shoot a distance that isn’t part of the ROM we would ask you to arrive as early as you can in order to help set up – this means that we can work together and try and get a boss at the right distance for you to use.

So what rounds are we shooting this season?

In order to align with the Summer postal we have some different ROMs to shoot this season. It will involve more work in setting the field out (please feel free to join in setting up and spread the workload around on the day) but will hopefully be enjoyable for everyone!

Click here to show the ROM schedule for 2015

Hang on, what about September? You’ve missed it out!

Well spotted! More details later on but the September ROM will be chosen by you!  We will be holding a vote to see what round you fancy shooting that month. There may even be a “silly” round thrown in too that you can vote for, just for a laugh 🙂

Only one “silly” round this season? That sounds boring ….

Ok, fair enough – in that case you’d better get ready for the Chase Archers Fancy Dress round on the 19th September!  We are thinking about themes at the minute so feel free to come up with ideas.
Some themes already discussed are Vicars and Tarts, Hawaiian, Zombie Killers ….

More to come I hope as we go through the season (possibly even the smell of roasting burgers and sausages on a BBQ ……)


Winter Postal Competition – results

Well done everyone who did ROM’s during the indoor season – these counted towards our Winter Postal rankings and the final results are now in.

We started off in division 2 … and ended up in division 2 🙂

After chatting with some members over the last few weeks, I have come to realise that not everyone knows all the details around this competition that we enter – so I’ll be making sure you all have more information on in the future!

Congratulations to Denis O’Gara though for having not 1 but 2 entries in the final month’s “special” scores:

  • Highest made score for a bare bow
  • Top handicap adjusted score (all bow types)

The final placings across all divisions are:

Club County Prev.Cum. Made H/c adjust Cum.
Total Score Score Total Total
Evesham A C Worcs. 30869 2888 7394 10282 41151
Audco Archers Shrops. 30547 2752 7591 10343 40890
Malvern Worcs. 30703 2849 7259 10108 40811
Bromyard Bowmen Hfds. 30451 2798 7293 10091 40542
Wyre Forest C o A Worcs. 30402 2828 7258 10086 40488
Redhill Archers Worcs. 30373 2827 7271 10098 40471
Royal Leamington Spa Warks. 30313 2837 7263 10100 40413
Long Mynd Archers Shrops. 30267 2765 7341 10106 40373
Saints & Sinners Worcs. 30294 2764 7179 9943 40237
Redditch C o  A Worcs. 30008 2823 7305 10128 40136
University of Warwick A C Warks. 31054 2732 7232 9964 41018
Meriden A C Warks. 30617 2894 7257 10151 40768
Trent Valley Archers Staffs 30529 2806 7402 10208 40737
Stourbridge C o A Worcs. 30389 2829 7257 10086 40475
Chase Archers Staffs 30031 2734 7412 10146 40177
Leek A C Staffs 30079 2734 7351 10085 40164
Solihull Archers Warks. 30031 2709 7239 9948 39979
Droitwich A S Worcs. 19902 2746 7346 10092 29994
Sutton Coldfield A C Warks. 30126 2774 7329 10103 40229
Worcester Bowmen Worcs 30015 2701 7398 10099 40114
Telford Archers Shrops. 30041 2734 7308 10042 40083
Wolf Archers Staffs 29750 2589 7337 9926 39676
Coventry A C Warks. 29700 2674 7263 9937 39637
Beacon Archers Warks. 29272 2587 7416 10003 39275
Nuneaton Archers Warks. 29401 2509 7287 9796 39197
Shrewsbury Bowmen Shrops. 29345 2275 7262 9537 38882

Outside from now on!

Don’t forget – it’s outside shooting now from Friday the 10th on wards (this weekend we don’t shoot due to the school shutting down for Easter) 🙂

Tony Woodward competition

Hi all,

Thanks to everyone who came to the shoot last night – it was nice and busy, so much so that we ran over time! Plenty of movements on handicaps, a new club record and of course, the final results are below.


The final placings for the handicapped shoot are:
1st place goes to Adrian Scotson with an adjusted score of 1463
2nd place goes to Alex Scotson with an adjusted score of 1459
3rd place goes to Jonathan Ludford with an adjusted score of 1452

Well done guys!

The made non-adjusted scores (including Jeni, Clive & Freya who didn’t have a handicap prior to the shoot) are:

Martin Robinson = 283
Ivan Bowater = 263
Steven Cliff = 250
Brian Kelly = 235
Jeni Mousley = 234
Leyton Jones = 232
Jonathan Ludford = 221
Adrian Scotson = 213
Denis O’Gara = 205
Clive Watterson = 204
Andy Hobbs = 191
Georgina O’Connor = 163
Brian Mabberley = 144
Freya Watterson = 50
Alex Scotson = 43


Clive Watterson gained a handicap of 60
Freya Watterson gained a handicap of 84
Jonathan Ludford improved his handicap from 53 to 52
Alex Scotson improved his handicap from 91 to 88
Adrian Scotson improved his handicap from 57 to 55

Club Record

Congratulations to Martin Robinson who broke the club record for a Worcester shoot with his score of 283, taking the record away from Lee Ankers (back in 2004 with a score of 276)

Thanks everyone!

Don’t forget Outdoor Champs!

The County Outdoor Championships are rapidly approaching (April the 12th). Last minute entries to this competition are still ok – you have until the 5th April to apply, although it’s probably best to make sure and apply before that date if you do want to go.

The host is the Wolverhampton Company of Archers and basic details are:


York/Hereford and National/Junior National

York / Hereford: Registration @ 9:30am, Sighters @ 10:00am
National / Junior National: Registration @ 13:00pm, Sighters not before 13:15pm

Will be in accordance with either Rule 304 (f)(i) or 304 (f)(ii) depending on conditions on the day

Mrs P Jones (Judge in Charge) and Mr A Doughty

Lady Paramount:

Wergs Hall Road, Wolverhampton

York/Hereford: £11.00
National/Junior National: £7.00

Entries forms should be sent to:
Miss T MacKinnon,
65 Carshalton Grove,

Any queries, please phone 07711 455723 or e-mail

Closing Date: 5th April 2015


More details and entry form are available at

Individual results from Lichfield Interclub shoot

Hi everyone!
Sorry it took a while to get this info to you but below are the individual results of the Lichfield Interclub shoot on Wednesday.
Congratulations go to Michael who equaled the club record for a Compound Portsmouth (584). Sorry Michael but as the previous record was also held by yourself, you don't get a shiny certificate 🙂
Type Name Score

Lots of handicap changes as well! 
Georgina improved from 59 to 57
Ivan improved from 30 to 29 
Michael improved from 5 to 4
Brian improved from 38 to 36
Kyle improved from 69 to 68
Well done all 🙂