Clocks change!!!!


Don’t forget the clocks go back an hour on Sunday !!! 🙂

Bad weather? No problem!

Please note that if the weather is bad tomorrow (the forecast isn’t great ….) then we will be able to use the sports hall 🙂

Charity Shoot

Why not check out our new Charity Shoot page, with all the details on our shoot for 2015 for Midlands Air Ambulance!

New Summer competition, ROM schedule (new vote!) and Fancy Dress!

The outdoor season is now upon us!

Outdoor archery small

What’s going on this season?

As part of the activities this year, we have entered the club into the Summer Postal competition for the first time. This competition is run in a very similar manner to the Winter Postal (no shock there!) and means that we submit our ROM scores on a monthly basis along with the other clubs entered.

Does this mean I have to do more competition shooting?

Not if you don’t want to, no.  The ROMs are optional – you definitely don’t have to do them. We want you to enjoy your time at Chase Archers and if competitions aren’t your thing then that’s fine!
The only difference on ROM days is that the shoot will obviously be more structured than a general shoot day. Also, if you want to shoot a distance that isn’t part of the ROM we would ask you to arrive as early as you can in order to help set up – this means that we can work together and try and get a boss at the right distance for you to use.

So what rounds are we shooting this season?

In order to align with the Summer postal we have some different ROMs to shoot this season. It will involve more work in setting the field out (please feel free to join in setting up and spread the workload around on the day) but will hopefully be enjoyable for everyone!

Click here to show the ROM schedule for 2015

Hang on, what about September? You’ve missed it out!

Well spotted! More details later on but the September ROM will be chosen by you!  We will be holding a vote to see what round you fancy shooting that month. There may even be a “silly” round thrown in too that you can vote for, just for a laugh 🙂

Only one “silly” round this season? That sounds boring ….

Ok, fair enough – in that case you’d better get ready for the Chase Archers Fancy Dress round on the 19th September!  We are thinking about themes at the minute so feel free to come up with ideas.
Some themes already discussed are Vicars and Tarts, Hawaiian, Zombie Killers ….

More to come I hope as we go through the season (possibly even the smell of roasting burgers and sausages on a BBQ ……)