Club Email Addresses

If you are a full member of Chase Archers you are able to request your own Chase Archers email account by sending an email to specifying the new email address you would like. Provided it hasn’t already been taken (and isn’t in anyway offensive/objectionable !) then we will set this up for you.

The standard account will give you a full email address that you can use as you would any other email address. You can access the email through a built in web based front-end (available at and/or via your own email program (on a PC, mobile phone etc.)

Please use the example below to help configure your own email client:

  • Username =
  • Incoming server
    • Server name:
    • IMAP port = 993 or POP3 port = 995
    • Server security: SSL/TLS
  • Outgoing server
    • Server name:
    • Server security: STARTTLS
    • SMTP port = 587
  • Authentication is required

Initially the account will be set up with a maximum of 1Gb of space – if you want this increasing please email and let us know the reasons why so that we can increase your allowance if needed.

NB. Basic email spam filtering is enabled on all email accounts – for more information please see here